Kaisa Turtiainen

Hi! It’s me.

I’m Kaisa Turtiainen, a clothing designer from Savonlinna and the super woman behind this brand. I view the world through rose coloured glasses and it makes life whimsical! I adore fluttering hems, the scent of strawberry stains, sparkling wine, playing kantele, birds singing and the buzzing sound of a sewing machine. In life it is really important for me to be comfortable with myself. I find that to be impossible without playful clothing!

My designs are inspired by my love for fairytales and summery nature. I like to use colourful patterns, flourishing floral prints, and funny and surprising shapes in my designs. In addition to designing clothing, I also design fabric prints, I do illustration work, and I do clothing and product design made-to-order. Feel free to contact me if your company needs colour and joy!